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Die-Casting Mold

Galaxy Mold also specializes in precision die casting of aluminum, zinc, copper alloy and magnesium alloys.

We are strong in the manufacture of larger parts by hot and cold chamber die casting methods.

Die casting is a fast, cost-effective manufacturing process for production of high volume, net-shaped, tight tolerance metal components. It has the benefit of increased quality and repeatability, often at lower costs compared to other processes.

The die casting process is the injection under high pressure into a steel mould (or tool) of a molten metal alloy, which solidifies rapidly (from milliseconds to a few seconds) to form a net shaped component and is then automatically extracted.
Benefits from Galaxy die castings:
1. Cost-effective high volume production
2. Value engineering achieves cost savings
3. Manufacture of complex net shapes
4. Consistent quality over high volumes
5. Tight tolerances achieved as cast
6. Minimal draft angles on internal features
7. Long tool life

Thanks to the professional knowledge, rich experience on difference cases, great effort, we get high reputation on die casting field

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